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Some Small Business Ideas You Can Try Out This Year


Looking for small business ideas that may be helpful? We’ve got you covered! Take the time to investigate the earning potential of each business within your area. Some businesses will flourish in certain areas, while seemingly growing stagnant in others. Decide what is right for you, how much it will cost to begin start-up, the length of time before a profit is shown and the best way to market or advertise your business. We clearly understand that you’re here because you’re looking out for ideas on businesses to start up. The choice is always difficult to make considering that there are tons of businesses going on in the world. It is on that note that we bring you this article dedicated to helping you on your decisions, especially if you plan to start small.

Here are five great small business ideas that you can try out:

1. Social Media Consulting

Small business ideas
Small Business Ideas: Social Media Consultancy

The Social Media world has taken off to a whole new level. So many different companies are now finding that the best way to get their names to enter the homes of millions of people without the cost of TV advertising is through Social Networks. Right now, Social Networking and Social Media are transcending how businesses and consumers are interacting. Knowing and understanding this, as well as learning how to create ad campaigns, will put you ahead of most other advertising agencies. Most businesses are in the infancy stages of learning how to correctly and effectively use Social Media to reach the masses. By starting a business that will take these responsibilities from the company, and provide them with an outlet to connect with consumers in an unprecedented way, will be a definite income potential.

2. Home Daycare

One unique way of taking advantage of your time at home is by opening up a children’s daycare in the luxury of your own home. The income potential here is virtually endless. By offering to care for the children of working parents, you can earn as much as $60-$80 per child, per week! Taking into consideration how many children you could possibly legally care for in your home (your home would have to be inspected prior to getting a license to determine exactly how many children you can care for in the square footage of the daycare facility), you could potentially earn as much as $500-$1000 per week!

3. Cleaning Services

Small business ideas
Small Business Ideas: Cleaning Services

Did you know that most of the big movie theaters you see, contract out cleaning services weekly for thousands of dollars? It is true! When these large movie theaters have showings throughout the week, they accumulate quite a bit of garbage, which requires a considerable amount of clean up. They ask that the crews come in after the last showing, usually around 1 am each morning, clean each movie screen area, the bathrooms, concession stands and lobby/lobbies, and be gone by 7-8 am. For this service, a crew can earn as much as $5,000 for a seven day week! With that potential, you could afford to hire several crews and contract as many movie houses as you can possibly clean. That isn’t counting the other businesses you can contract as well. Indeed, every business needs a cleaning service. They either use in-house employees or contract the jobs out to other professional crews.

4. At Home Bookkeeping

With so many of todays larger incorporations having to downsize and layoff employees, many are looking more and more at outsourcing certain clerical duties to qualified online personnel. By taking advantage of this type of growing trend, you could become a freelance Bookkeeper and offer your services up to an auction of bidders seeking these type services for their businesses. If you are good with numbers and with certain computer applications, you can easily find company management seeking just the service you are providing. Even if you are not an expert in this exact area, there are several online classes you can take to become successful at remote Bookkeeping.

5. Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Small Business Ideas: Garden Maintenance

Throughout the year, Individuals, as well as major businesses, spend thousands of dollars of lawn care, landscaping, and beautifying their homes and facilities. You can easily move right into this type of business with very little start up money. All you need is the mowers, weed eaters, a truck and trailer and you are set to bid on jobs around your area. With most businesses paying hundreds of dollars every two weeks for this service, you could afford to provide them with the same, or even greater service, at a cheaper price and still turn a considerable profit. The more business you do, the more “word of mouth advertising” you will begin to get. The more money you earn, the more equipment you buy, the better your chances are at hiring individuals to work for you. With this in mind, you could even apply for a government grant to help get you started, by offering the potential to put unemployed individuals to work for you.

The Bottom Line

These are some small business ideas we recommend this year. You can also take a look at our previous post on affiliate marketing to see of you fit in. Again, with any business you look to begin, it would be highly advisable to research the earning potential for your area, or look to branch out into other, more suitable areas for your business ideas.

Good luck to all who is considering the starting of their own business. Always make sure you are prepared for whatever it is you plan on doing.


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